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Forklift Orlando also provides, Aerial Lift, Scissor Lift & Bucket Truck Training at your place of business in Orlando. We go to you in order to meet the OSHA site specific requirement.

Business Hours:

Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

Tel: 888.347.8573 or 305.302.6256

Forklift training is available on weekends too!

Forklift Training In Florida At Your Business
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SAFE-Lift Sit-down Counterbalance Forklift Safety Video Training Kit

Sit-down Counterbalance Forklift Training Kit

Our lift truck safety training video provides a complete understanding of the operation of powered industrial vehicles. The video covers both propane and electric counterbalance forklifts. Your forklift operators will enjoy this informative and entertaining video that breaks down each concept of the operation of lift trucks into 7 separate modules. This forklift video was specifically created to assist facilities in complying with OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck Standard 1910.178. Available in DVD or VHS. Counterbalance Forklift Video length - 55 minutes

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Forklift Stability Principles
Module 3: Pre-shift Inspection
Module 4: Safe Forklift Operating Procedures
Module 5: Battery Changing and Recharging
Module 6: Propane Exchange and Refueling
Module 7: Conclusion

The SAFE-Lift Counterbalance Forklift Safety Video Training Kit features:

Sit-down Counterbalance Training Kit

Counterbalance DVD Kit
(SL2CBDVD) English
Price:  $420.00

Counterbalance USB Kit
(SL2CBUSB) English
Price:  $420.00

SAFE Counterbalance English
(SL2CBPKG) 10 Participant's Guides
Price:  $160.00

Counterbalance DVD Kit
(SL2CBSPDVD) Spanish
Price:  $420.00

Counterbalance USB Kit
(SL2CBSPUSB) Spanish
Price:  $420.00

SAFE Counterbalance (Spanish)
(SL2CBSPPKG) 10 Participant's Guides Price:  $160.00